T-Mobile Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN)

A Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) is a unique nine-digit number assigned to telecommunication companies throughout the United States by the administrator of the Federal Universal Service Fund, the Universal Service Administrative Company, also known commonly as USAC. Carrier SPINs are required to be provided by applicants for E-Rate when completing their Form 471 and/or when requesting a change in carriers.

If you are an E-Rate applicant ready to submit your Form 471 and you are interested in using T-Mobile as your service provider, please make sure you list T-Mobile’s appropriate SPIN Number listed below.

  • T-Mobile’s Domestic SPIN Number
  • 143026181

(Use this SPIN if your school, library, district, or consortium is located
anywhere in the United States except for the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico.)

  • T-Mobile’s Puerto Rico SPIN Number
  • 143029059

(This SPIN is only for use by schools, libraries, districts, or consortiums
that are located in the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico.)

T-Mobile’s SPIN Number must be included on the applicant’s Form 471 along with the applicant’s funding request number.

If you need assistance completing your Form 471, please contact a T-Mobile E-Rate Regulatory Specialist at universalservice@t-mobile.com.

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