Work in a secure environment

Check business email, make appointments, and surf the web with confidence on your Galaxy Note 3. Samsung SAFE protects your company's data using on-device 256-bit encryption and VPN connectivity. Your emails, contacts, and calendar stay in sync with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync®. And it's all easy for IT to control remotely using
Mobile Device Management.

Take control of the day

The newly evolved S Pen delivers innovation that makes work easier including enhanced handwriting recognition. Quickly jot notes, emails, and text messages that can be transformed into text. With Action Memo, quickly turn your writing into actionable links like phone calls and new contacts. To quickly access the S Pen menu, simply hover the pen over the screen and click.

Get things done faster and smarter

Advanced features make the Galaxy Note 3 an even more intuitive experience. With S Voice Wake Up, activate your phone with a simple "Hi, Galaxy." Then use S Voice to control your device with easy voice commands. With S Finder, just one click of the S Pen lets you easily search your entire phone, from handwritten notes to emails and the web.

Interact with your phone like never before

Pair a Samsung Galaxy Gear with your Galaxy Note 3 and stay more connected—but less distracted. Get important calls, emails, and texts right on your wrist, so you're never out of touch. Your phone and watch seamlessly communicate. So, when you pick up your phone, it automatically opens the same notification, allowing you to respond right away.

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