Hosted Mobility Management Services (HMMS)

Hosted Mobility Management Services (HMMS)

Allowing your employees to use their own smartphones for business is great for the IT budget, but it presents challenging security issues for your business. While your company needs to provide access to assets that promote a productive mobile workforce, you also need to protect sensitive information that lives behind firewalls.

Most Mobile Device Management solutions can address these concerns, but they can be costly and complex to deploy.

T-Mobile provides a turnkey MDM solution that can manage licensing, installation, mobile-policy configuration, and ongoing user support as an extension of enterprise IT departments. T-Mobile HMMS is available via a cloud-based or on-premises (virtual cloud) platform.

With end-to-end HMMS, you can:

  • Reduce up-front costs. By moving to a cloud-based subscription model, up-front hardware and licensing costs are eliminated, and licensing is moved to a cost-friendly operating expenses model spread out over a long-term deployment.
  • Remove the technology risk. With a subscription, companies are not locked in to a long-term commitment for any one MDM vendor solution. If at any time there is a better or more appropriate solution, they can simply decide to subscribe to a different vendor.
  • Outsource your IT bottleneck. T-Mobile provides 24/7 support to manage all aspects of the MDM solution so you don’t have to, from provisioning new employees to enforcing access policies; tracking lost devices; troubleshooting applications, devices, and networks; and more.
  • Easily scale your subscription. Companies only pay for the devices under management each month.